1. Karen Frank

    Hey Shoana. I saw your little Murphy on Cityline and fell in love with him. After searching for a Havanese puppy, we are proud owners of our little guy.
    I am a first time owner and have some questions. Our Baxter needs a haircut. How do you get Murphy’s body cut? Scissors or clippers? I love his look. What do I ask the groomer for?

    • Shoana Jensen

      Hi Karen,

      Congratulations on the adoption of Baxter! I am so happy for you!
      I don’t cut Murphy’s hair myself. I was always too scared that I would nick him and then he would be afraid of getting groomed (our last dog had a bad grooming experience as a puppy – not by me- and for his whole life grooming was an issue for him, we didn’t want that to happen again).
      There really isn’t a name for the type of cut that he gets. I have been told to ask for a “puppy cut” but that doesn’t seem to be an industry standard term. That being said, groomers have always figured out what I mean from me saying that. Lately, I have been leaving is legs long and trim his face and body. It was my groomer’s suggestion and I think it’s super cute so we are sticking with that for now. You could always print a picture of a dog who’s haircut that you like and show them… just like we do with out hairdressers!
      If all else fails and you are in Toronto, I have always taken Murphy to Cosmopawlitan on Queen Quay. They are super nice and I would recommend them for sure. You could always tell them to cut Baxter like Murphy!
      I will warn you of one thing – if you haven’t had Baxter’s hair cut yet, they look SO different after being cut. The first few times made me kinda sad but now I realize it grows out to super cute in a couple of weeks and last about 3-4 months until he need sot go back.

      Good luck with Baxter’s cut. It may take a few visits to find a look that you like and that works for him but no doubt anything he gets done will still look adorable! 🙂


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