It can be tricky to hang any wall decor that has 2 fixed D-rings; especially by yourself. I have an easy tip to ensure the screw mounts are the exact distance you need them to be. And, you can do it by yourself… first try!

Happy decorating!


dring w arrows

See the 2 rings? Ignore the coloured tape I just used that to make my bulletin board match my office decor 🙂


photo 2-1

Grab a roll of painter’s tape.

photo 3-1

Put a strip of it across the item you want to hang. Make sure that it covers the 2 rings.

duo photo

With a marker, make clear dot to indicate the location of the screw holes.

photo 2-2

Take that same strip of painter’s tape and apply it to the wall where you want to hang the item. Use a level to help you ensure an even line.

photo 3-2

Now you can see , without measuring, where you have to drill, so the screws line up perfectly with the D-rings.

photo 4-1

Now drill a hole through the mark for your wall anchor. P.S. I absolutely LOVE this cordless drill by Black & Decker. I highly recommend it if you are looking for one.

photo 1

Clean hole, in the perfect spot.

photo 3

Remove the tape, tap in a wall anchor & screw in the screw… obviously leaving enough room for the item to hang on it.


In no time, my bulletin board is up and level.