Where to see Shoana next… 


  • Cityline, CityTV – Tuesday, March 10th:

      Back to Basics In The Kitchen 

  • Spring One Of A Kind Show, Toronto – March 28th & 29th

      Hands on DIY workshops 

  • Cityline, CityTV – Monday, March 30th:

      Talking Area Rugs and One Pot Cooking  

  • CHCH Morning Live – Friday, April 24th:
    Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

  • Cityline, CityTV – Monday, May 11th:
     Topics – To Be Confirmed

Shoana Jensen’s expertise as a Life Stylist has been featured on many television programs across Canada and in countless magazine and newspaper articles. As the Lifestyle Expert on CityLine, Shoana hopes to inspire others through sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, adding simple style to help make life more enjoyable.